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Recent comments:

Android User
2014-11-19 12:43:23
PC User
505-302-0088Prank call
2014-11-14 10:58:04
PC User
484-802-6853Prank call
2014-11-13 17:59:45
PC User
2014-11-09 03:23:35
PC User
Trying to find out if the number belongs to James Gregory Bail Bonds.
Detective Saum2014-11-07 08:49:39
PC User
618-867-5309Prank call
This person has called me repeatedly for over a month now. Upon answering the calls, no one is speaking. They just play rap music loudly. These calls happen all hours of the day and night. several times a day. Most occur between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. But there have been others occurring at various times throughout the day and night
TFH2014-11-04 06:46:00
PC User
703-878-5985Political call
rlg2014-11-02 19:13:08
PC User
505-239-8175Event reminder
HVAC Repair Service in Albuquerque Offering great affordable deals for Heater and air conditioner replacement and installation services. THey didn't bother me. Actually I wanted to share that they are friendly and knowledgeable staff that I actually go an appointment with and upgraded my furnace to a more energy efficient furnace.
HVAC Service2014-11-01 16:35:28
Android User
2014-10-31 03:11:25
Android User
949-625-6434Non-profit organization
They called me
2014-10-25 21:59:10
Android User
Calling being a smartass about a car i have for sale
john2014-10-25 14:42:17
PC User
310-515-1000Event reminder
Dear sir, Please kindly see the E-mail send by Dalvi sports India . we try to contact you on telephone but ti is not working ,Please kindly see the E-mail. Thanking you Yours faithfully Dalvi sports
dalvi sports2014-10-24 15:59:34
PC User
sexual harassment
singam2014-10-23 22:03:54
PC User
Recorded message in Spanish.... I think it was from my cell phone service provider, metro pcs.
MissTyler2014-10-20 12:35:15
PC User
313-381-2366Political call
zzaj2014-10-18 19:02:07
Android User
No comments
Michael Williams2014-10-18 05:40:18
PC User
Custom Framing by the experts at Prestige Framers. Conveniently located in Miami near Midtown, Design District and Wynwood, we offer custom framing, artwork framing and picture framing.
HugoBarrientos2014-10-17 00:40:11
PC User
The Zoldan Law Group PLLC
Michael2014-10-16 16:11:36
PC User
This is the second telephone call in 2-days, with the caller hanging-up upon answering the telephone.
Cap2014-10-14 14:23:13
Android User
2014-10-14 01:34:30
Android User
702-997-7914Debt collector
States message important regarding debt matter but the nnumber is listed under hospital but when you dial the number back to get a debt collector
dre2014-10-13 16:28:11
PC User
323-271-0738Debt collector
This Lady Erika Rodriguez is telling me I owe for something that I already payed off in full she is telling me she will get the Fed's after me .HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Pedro2014-10-10 15:11:06
PC User
415-550-7337Prank call
pervert asking to suck dick
mike2014-10-10 02:49:18
iPhone User
315-592-1342Event reminder
Karen2014-10-09 15:34:55
Android User
405-414-4993Prank call
Nymber. Keeps.calling
lime2014-10-09 03:31:46
PC User
212-671-0936Event reminder
got 3 messages from the number. Call originated from Provda Law Firm, 40 Wall Street 11 Floor, New York, NY 10005. Something to deal with divorce paperwork from my ex-spouse.
PJ2014-10-08 06:53:30
PC User
call from 720-288-4816 telemarketer selling //????###
2014-10-06 19:47:48
iPhone User
Business of Cjp-nhrecords located in Lomita CA (Los Angeles Co) since 1980s.
2014-10-03 02:11:32
Android User
478-257-6937Prank call
Just beeps in your ear
2014-10-01 18:36:32
PC User
Left numerous messages. Finally, I talked to a live person who appeared to be a customer service of the law firm that handled my criminal case before (Bukh Law Firm P.C., 14 Wall St, New York NY 10005)
Jerry2014-10-01 03:09:39
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