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Recent comments:

PC User
i dont answer to numbers i dont know and they dont leave messages
2016-01-12 08:30:24
Android User
401-721-4094Prank call
They was talking smack.
Faze2015-12-21 16:34:55
Android User
314-688-5130Prank call
Get text an call
Eshs2015-12-06 19:46:55
PC User
a new friend on facebook. just checking out information on them.
call2015-12-03 14:17:38
Android User
Dont answer it.
John2015-11-26 16:53:59
PC User
Robo call, trying to sell extended car warranty, asks a lot of personal questions, have called me 12 times!
2015-11-23 13:22:28
iPhone User
937-581-2305Prank call
ryan2015-11-05 20:42:00
iPhone User
He is a spammer. & possibly the illegitimate child of two developmentally disabled people.
2015-10-30 14:11:25
PC User
215-251-9432Political call
This took some time for me. I read blogs, posted ctnoemms and twittered. Then I sent a friend request--no way to send a message anymore, apparently. But the other efforts had identified me, I guess, because it was approved.Dropped ctnoemms all over a blog I like, but could find no fb link or twitter link. Perhaps she will find me. And finally, tweeted more with someone I follow and would like to interact with more. So did a lot, but only one solid response so far. Anyway, done.
Aroa2015-10-29 02:31:36
PC User
224-355-0681Event reminder
I've learned a few imtarpont things by means of your post. I would also like to state that there may be situation in which you will get a loan and don't need a cosigner such as a National Student Support Loan. But if you are getting that loan through a common creditor then you need to be prepared to have a cosigner ready to assist you to. The lenders are going to base their decision on the few issues but the main one will be your credit rating. There are some creditors that will likewise look at your work history and determine based on this but in many cases it will be based on on your scores.
Valera2015-10-29 01:58:59
PC User
202-273-9572Political call
My son will wail at bathtime But I didn't finsih my dinner!! this, 10 minutes after I've given up on making him get BACK in his seat and basically force-feeding him Also, no matter what you do, or how you plan, if you try to make a good, special' dinner, everything will go smoothly until you literally set the food on the table. Then all hell will brake lose and you won't get to eat for 2 hours. Yet the night you slap some eggs on toast and cut up an apple, crickets~!
Debbie2015-10-29 01:25:33
PC User
Received a message requesting to be called back, no reason for the call back
AR2015-10-28 15:38:20
iPhone User
The name was shared as Paris
2015-10-22 01:33:00
PC User
One of hundreds I get for someone physching for Credit Card information under the guise of "cardholder services." So tired of this asshats.
Joe Blow2015-10-13 16:10:28
iPhone User
Me2015-10-08 10:48:20
PC User
954-290-3759Non-profit organization
There was no problem with the call being made.
julie2015-10-03 16:46:49
iPhone User
2015-09-29 19:36:28
Android User
This is a stanky fatty ass bitch named tobi curey She sleeps with married men... as smokes Crystoal meth
Toy2015-09-26 07:55:22
PC User
2015-09-22 07:39:34
iPhone User
Requesting cleaning service and not sure it is legit.
2015-09-18 18:15:46
PC User
A bullshit,it is a Metro PCS cellphone and NOT a "landline". Your information is a trash to extort peoples money for false informations
Bubu2015-09-05 23:26:21
iPhone User
Tricia my hair stylist, she's the best
2015-09-03 09:37:26
PC User
2015-08-19 18:14:40
PC User
419-545-5050Prank call
hang up call
teri2015-08-18 12:00:44
PC User
2015-08-17 10:29:15
iPhone User
Phone call showing up on someone else's phone
What2015-08-10 15:10:35
PC User
Someone keeps calling me from this number
2015-08-08 09:17:59
iPhone User
Received prank call & text message
2015-08-08 06:16:27
PC User
Trying to locate name with phone number.
2015-07-30 12:52:58
PC User
david2015-07-29 21:47:49
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