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Recent comments:

iPhone User
2015-07-11 00:42:48
PC User
sSS2015-07-11 00:31:29
PC User
I had a call from Cleaning Services Atlanta offering me cleaning services. I found their website ( and booked their service. I was satisfied with the results
Bob2015-07-06 10:06:45
Android User
Brandi sword from ventura.. cheater & liar
2015-06-29 15:45:10
Android User
This Number is a Scam Artist that Goes By Many different names! Musah Fatai is Who She tells Me she is! BE CAREFUL!
Jasons2015-06-28 22:14:17
PC User
3 consecutive calls approx 4 to 5. mins apart
2015-06-26 21:07:51
Android User
They called an. d pranked
boz2015-06-22 22:17:40
PC User
Phone call for roof job
2015-06-22 14:04:27
Android User
831-229-1175Prank call
Calling and leaving harrassing messages
perry jackson2015-06-15 05:28:59
Android User
831-229-1175Prank call
Calling and leaving messages continuously
2015-06-15 05:27:48
PC User
Called to sell web service regarding credit card processing fees. They need 495.00 fee to develop web site sent out to merchants to solicit business to process the merchant credit card sales for a reduced fee.
2015-06-05 15:20:29
PC User
keeps calling and no message
2015-06-05 14:54:37
Android User
818-812-0318Political call
happy birthday mr president
cynthia2015-06-02 05:37:44
Android User
Text my cell
christina2015-05-31 02:40:12
Android User
605-321-9510Prank call
2015-05-29 14:29:23
PC User
206-931-7119Prank call
2015-05-27 20:42:38
PC User
509-962-5851Non-profit organization
I am trying to locate the former owner of this phone number around january 2009 509-962-5851
ree2015-05-24 18:04:58
iPhone User
this number call and leaves a SPANish robot-sounding message. No, not an automated voice, but the real, live person has really poor delivery, making her sound like a robot. It sounds like she's saying something about ELECTRICITY and QUALIFYING, so ( great ! more freebies for ILLEGALS ?!? ) i'm sure Jerry Brown wants to give them solar panels, or something else costly for us, but great for them ...
2015-05-19 19:34:40
PC User
No idea left a message try to contact phone is busy name is Marie Sherwood
2015-05-16 19:10:17
PC User
No idea left a message try to contact phone is busy
2015-05-16 19:08:51
Android User
hey como estas y andy y delwyn
luisa2015-05-15 23:04:53
PC User
This person texted me asking for a good time. Told me he was married and wanted to watch me jerk off. Dudes really gay.
Anonymous2015-05-15 18:40:08
PC User
mike2015-05-13 10:12:39
PC User
Calls several times a day. I answer the phone - no one is there and it hangs up. I call the number back - it rings and then sounds like the noise as if you were calling a fax number instead of a regular number. Then get a recorded message that the number is no longer in service, etc. Caller id shows it's from Roman Michalski.
Mary2015-05-12 14:52:56
PC User
Kevin J. Scharer (aka) Ashton J. Mills 6700 Bailey Hwy. 49221
2015-05-09 21:20:31
PC User
214-280-7414Prank call
june32015-05-02 11:19:49
Android User
He rapes WOMEN be carefully he lives on 3070 s Nell's blvd
2015-04-29 22:39:56
PC User
This is actually a fax machine and belongs to a printing office in Kentucky.
2015-04-25 03:24:09
Android User
Well knew she's bad
get2015-04-24 04:53:25
Android User
He's a crackhead
mike2015-04-23 05:45:15
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