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Recent comments:

PC User
This person texted me three times
ramm2014-08-31 19:09:11
PC User
I got a call from this unknown number, but didn't pick up.
2014-08-31 15:18:02
Android User
320-634-3484Prank call
Said they were Jim from the Chinese restaurant but asked me if I wanted to order pizza. Pretty special.
2014-08-31 10:38:47
PC User
Very nice lady called about 4:30 Am to tell me my son was in emergency trouble and where he was taken to.
2014-08-31 08:39:57
Android User
Prank call
jj2014-08-31 05:03:46
Android User
210-593-8107Event reminder
They once called.
jay garcia2014-08-30 09:42:23
Android User
What is the question for the comment.?
john2014-08-30 06:37:17
PC User
Met on facebook, and is a real person? heh.
KAPITAN-MAN2014-08-30 05:09:37
PC User
they say that they are an officer wanting to talk about some things and ask u all ur info whatch out for this guy
big2014-08-29 20:53:35
PC User
searc2014-08-29 20:17:28
PC User
Contacted via email to text this number.
Drake2014-08-29 20:07:44
PC User
Contacted via email to text this number.
Drake2014-08-29 20:07:13
PC User
281-816-9781Fax machine
Hello, my love! How are u ? I miss so u much. I love u. Te Dua. Your wife, Lola.
Florida2014-08-29 16:03:29
PC User
Hello @ Hpw are u, my love ?
Florida2014-08-29 15:59:37
PC User
called my personal number
2014-08-29 10:29:55
Android User
They hung up when I answered my phone
carlisa eli2014-08-29 06:58:45
PC User
2014-08-29 04:51:48
Android User
Got call and text
ojos..2014-08-29 01:54:33
iPhone User
Wow oh wow
Roberta2014-08-28 22:59:41
PC User
908-620-0711Debt collector
yhty83pwx71._VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM: Bnk0FAmerica_Please_contact us now at: 908-620-0711 and unblock_your_VlSA. _.T1891fft571cch received above message.
2014-08-28 19:46:21
PC User
Lists as consumer but there address was incorrect.
2014-08-28 15:49:23
PC User
Taz2014-08-28 15:15:33
PC User
309-889-0682Prank call
Asking about Craigs list items I have on the Indianapolis site
Lee2014-08-28 12:30:55
PC User
A2014-08-28 12:23:32
PC User
2014-08-28 11:53:50
PC User
all the text said was BITCH
2014-08-28 11:08:11
PC User
no comment
2014-08-28 09:25:21
PC User
414-764-6609Prank call
He is an asshole
god2014-08-28 00:58:54
iPhone User
260-755-0546Prank call
Prank call was the closest thing to what actually has been occurring. A man has been calling me from this number in a stalker type manner. He only says, "Are you ready?" No matter what I say he only has that response. It's creepy and threatening. So, I had a police officer check out the number. If you know who owns this number please call the police and let them know who this psycho is.
2014-08-27 21:25:09
PC User
random pic
2014-08-27 18:35:07
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